What a successful day!!

What a great group of ladies at Ewelme Watercress Centre today for the beginners lino cutting class. The theme was Plants and Pods and some lovely work was produced encompassing realistic forms through to abstract, almost Cubist, work.

Planning your work is essential so that you know which areas are to be cut away, and everyone took care with this so that no mistakes were made. A practise session with the cutting tools is vital in order to “get to know them” and see what they can do.

You can see from the photos above some of the work in progress. And below the finished images. Well done ladies!!

If anyone is interested in having small group tuition ( it is a great party idea too) please get in touch on shirleymeyer@btinternet.com for details.


One thought on “What a successful day!!

  1. Sarah Layton says:

    A really enjoyable experience, again! Thank you Shirley. I’m pleased with what I created and notice that my creative confidence is growing which is what I have been hoping would happen. Looking forward to the next workshop.


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