Landscape themes

Looking out onto the South Oxfordshire landscape, it is frozen and sunny. Colours are very muted made so by the frost which pales everything down. It is difficult to describe these colours without sounding trite as they have a particular delicate quality of their own.

I’ve spent time working out my first series of prints for this year…..delicate receding blues/ greys/ greens/ whites and yellows  to be used in the Chiltern Views series of linocuts.

Because of the nature of these views with layers of hills, fields and hedges I will explore cutting my lino into pieces much like a jigsaw and inking each piece separately. Overlay using ink with extender to make colours more transparent is another option.

images1qizxg1t    2016-09-02-09-42-16   cropped-img_0883.jpg

Better get on with things!!! Call back and see the results……


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